Pet Grooming Services Near Panama City Beach Condos

What's included with Pet Grooming Services near Panama City Beach Condos, Fl ?Pet Grooming Services near  Panama City Beach Condos

  • Bath
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioning treatment
  • Flea treatment
  • Brush
  • Nail trim
  • Hair cut
  • Gland expression
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth brushing

Paw-sh Grooming Spa on Pamana City Beach, FL incorporates Special Skin Healing Shampoo ingredients such as:

  • Baking soda (helps get deep cleansing )
  • Tea Tree (helps heal the skin)
  • Miconozole (for Fungus)

Your family pets will certainly appreciate conditioners with Jojoba, Olive, Macademia oils. After that your beloved dog or pet cat can get a special Flea Therapy. Your beloved family pet gets a great pet massage and skin rinse. It relaxes your sweet animal!

And also the completed groom looks a lot better with an excellent restored coat!

How to groom an Afghan Hound

You like pedicures ... why not treat your dog to a pawdicure! Family pet pedicures are consisted of in our Paw-sh Grooming treatments.

What if I have a challenging cat?

Some canines and pet cats are harder to take care of than others. Perhaps your animal had an unpleasant experience at another grooming facility. It might just be that your pet dog is terrified of the grooming procedure. Pet Grooming Services near Panama City Beach Condos FL

We don't let tough family pets discourage us. It is our objective to get your beloved pet dog or cat to trust us. We work hard to re-acclimate them to the grooming experience as well as show them a more serene grooming experience.

If your animal requires additional affection and love, a handling cost will need to be applied. We will certainly inform you in advance if this is required.

* Difficult Pet Handling Fee: $5 - $20

Grooming tips for conditioning skin and coats for all types of dogs:

If you are looking for a Pet Grooming Services near Panama City Beach Condos, book your appointment today! Reach us at 850-234-2597